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If you’ve saved for retirement in an IRA, 401(k) or other tax-deferred vehicle, you have a tax bill due in retirement. That’s because you’ve deferred your taxes to the future.

Do you know the size of your potential tax bill?
Find out in 3 easy steps:

  • Enter your information into the calculator
  • Immediately see your potential retirement tax bill
  • Discover options to address it

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Independent - Fiduciary Standard* - Financial Solutions

We are Retirement Income Planning Specialist. Our focus is helping people who are retired or nearing retirement to properly plan for the most important phase of their financial lives, “The Distribution Phase”.

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Meet Our Founder

Eric T. Scoggins, CFP


Meet the Team

Melissa Scoggins
Executive Assistant


Jordan Mize
Administrative Assistant


Jeff Wallace
Operations Manager


Stephanie Schmidt
Client Relations and Accounts Manager


Gary Stoller
Long-Term Care & Life Insurance Specialist


George Nickels
Lead Advisor


Georgie Nickels
Case Design Specialist


Nelly Stoneburner
Administrative Assistant



Retire Strong!

Your Guide to a Happy and Worry-Free Retirement

Help Fight Poverty:

All book sale profits go to iServeMinistries to feed the poor.


Our Book

Retire Strong!

Your Guide to a Happy and Worry-Free Retirement

Help Fight Poverty:

All book sale profits go to iServeMinistries to feed the poor.


E.T.S. Financial Services Gives Back

E.T.S. Financial Services Gives Back is our community outreach program made possible through our partnership with Gradient Gives Back Foundation, a non-profit organization. We invite Americans who have fallen on hard times to connect with us for an opportunity to be awarded up to 12 months of housing payments.

Applications will be reviewed and screened as they are submitted. One family will be selected annually. Apply or nominate a family by clicking the link below!

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Do you ever feel like you need a guide to help navigate your retirement? Retirement can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Listen in to learn more about creating a reliable and long-term retirement and download your complimentary Retirement Income Toolkit.

Your Retirement Income Toolkit provides you with information to help make sound decisions and build a retirement on a solid foundation that will stand the test of time.

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What's your Risk Score?

The Color of Money Risk Analysis assesses your financial picture and provides a roadmap to your overall risk preferences. The output will be a proprietary Color of Money score. This short, interactive analysis is the first step on the road to retirement.

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Retirement Strategies

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Tax Planning

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Social Security Maximization

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Educational Videos

  • Social Security Maximization


    Writing Your Retirement


    Facts of Life


  • Rule of 100


    Income Planning


    Legacy Planning


Educational Guides

401k Rollovers

401k Rollover Mistakes

Get Your Complimentary Social Security Maximization Brochure today!

For many retirees, their Social Security benefit forms the foundation of their retirement income plan. In order to make sure you get the most out of your benefit, you should have a solid grasp on this complex matter.

We have put together an informative brochure that helps answer the following questions:

  • What is your Social Security amount?
  • When is the best time to start taking your Social Security benefit?
  • Are there different options if you are married?
  • Does earning additional income while you are on Social Security impact the value of your benefit?
  • Do you pay tax on your Social Security benefit?
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Upcoming Educational Events

These seminars are best suited for individuals with at least $250,000 in investable assets.

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